ECNU delegation visit Xundian for poverty alleviation


From May 6-7, Mei Bing, Chair of the ECNU university council, and Sun Zhenrong, Vice President of ECNU, visited Xundian County in southern China’s Yunnan province for work on poverty alleviation.  

On March 7, they paid a visit to Rende No. 1 Elementary School to learn about the development of the university’s poverty alleviation program on elementary and middle school teacher training in Xundian County and had an in-depth discussion with 15 trainee representatives there.

Confronted with the challenge brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, ECNU has continued with its work on poverty alleviation in Xundian County based on its disciplinary advantages, aiming to promote poverty alleviation through education informatization. In accordance with the county’s status quo in education, the university has tailor-made the teacher training program, which was officially webcast online on March 9. Focusing on raising teachers’ ability to teach, this program has helped local teachers to rapidly adapt to online teaching.

At the conference on May 7, Vice President Sun Zhenrong signed the joint assistance framework agreement on behalf of ECNU with Ma Jun, Deputy Chief Secretary of the Party Committee and head of Xundian County.

Zhao Xuenong,Vice Mayor of Yunnan’s capital city Kunming, attended the conference. He expressed his hope that, based on this agreement, ECNU and Xundian County can work together to develop the health and tourism industries that will promote the ecological development of Yunnan as the gateway to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Mei Bing said that participation in the state’s poverty alleviation initiative is one of the important missions of ECNU as a first-rate Chinese university, and taking this agreement as a new starting point, the university will intensify its effort to help Xundian in such crucial areas as cadre education and training, backbone teacher cultivation, school construction, countryside rejuvenation, think tank construction, and industrial incubation.

Tian Peiqing, an ECNU alumnus of grade 1980 and Board Director of Four Seasons Education, said that they will introduce quality education resources from Shanghai to Xundian and build a new platform of education and research to facilitate the development of the county’s basic education and cultural and tourism industries.  

On May 6, Chen Hao, Party Chief of Yunnan province, Liu Huiyan, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee of Yunnan, Secretary-General and Director of the Work Committee of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and Provincial Organs, and Chen Shun, Vice Governor of Yunnan province, received the ECNU delegation in Kunming. Both sides had in-depth exchanges on topics regarding the educational, economic, and social development of Yunnan, such as poverty-alleviation through education, collaboration in university development, teacher training, academic research, and international cooperation and exchanges.

Source: ECNU News Agency

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yu Wenxi


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